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           Brahmin could consented on their work, Brahma created kamdhenu caw and on order of Brahma kamdhenu created 36000 people by digging earth by her nails. Those were known as gobhuja or gobhva. In the third yuga the reinsertion of Vishnu Lord Ram his wife sita and his brothers came here to offer. Their repentance as Ram had killed devil the raven who was also a Brahmin. Ram saw the people of Dharmaranya have migrated to other places and the Brahmins also had left the town.
          One day Ram heard a sound of woman's crying. He sent his people to find out who she is. The lady refused to say anything except for Ram. So Ram went to her, consoled her and asked her problem. She said though you have come here, this town will remain as it is without people. The well were people used to have a holy deep, today pigs are swims are messing up the place. So please reestablish this town and oblige me. Ram agreed to do so and called back all the Brahmins who had left the town. He got houses and temples reconstructed. Hanuman also went around and asked Baniyas to resettle in Dharmaranya. About 1, 25, 000 Baniya settled in the town from Mandal with blessing of Ram. They all were known Mandaliya.




Modh Mandaliya In Kachchh

          Modh Baniyas came to Kachchh they were divided in two by caste, people came from Mandal were know as Mandaliyas and Modh gobhava, Adalja Continued to be know as modh baniyas in kachchh. Basically they are one by caste but only in kachchh they are known as two castes. Mandaliya came to kachchh in seventeenth century. Shree Sonaji Mehta led them from porbandar. Later families of Ranbhan came from Janmagar. They were known as kachchhi dasa modh mandaliya baniyas. They are about 1100-1200 in kachchh. The main occupation of theirs was to serve the state during the tenure of first deshlji king of kachchh. Gujarat's navab Sher Bulandkhan attacked kachchh. During the war sigjiyani's families fought bravely and in savant 1793 vaishakh sud eighteenth met mytarism. Their wife also became sati on husband's death a memory pillar is still there near Bhuj city police station. Newly wedded modh mandaliya go there to seeh their blessings. Many people from this community follow the swaminarayan religion. They have community halls in Bhuj and mandvi. The hall at bhuj was donated by Zaverilal Gordhandas Mehta.





Modh Mandaliya's Samaj Vadi


Samaj Vadi's Address

Traveniben Gordhandas Maheta Parivar Mandaliya Gnati's Vadi, Joshi Street, Near Ma Aashapura Temple, Bhuj-Kachchh
Mandaliya Gnati's Vadi, Mandvi-Kachchh